free hit counter Dardan Molliqaj, opposition leader, has been arrested after the protest against the price increase of electricity! - PSD

Last night, a few minutes before appearing on television, Dardan Molliqaj, the leader of the Social-Democratic Party of Kosovo, was arrested by the Kosovo Police. His arrest is connected to the incident in the protest on Saturday against the price increase of electricity.

The invitation for the police interview, or rather the invitation’s delivery from the Kosovo Police, was not conducted according to the Penal Code Procedure. Dardan Molliqaj’s deprivation of freedom is a serious abuse of power from the entire chain of command within the justice system. His arrest is disproportionate and inconsistent with the lawful conditions of action in such cases.

This arrest could have happened any time of the day. Dardan Molliqaj was in the party’s headquarters and in various meetings in public, in Prishtina, these past two days. But, his arrest, without a warrant, was done within the compounds of a television. We have learned that the police warrant for his arrest was written after he was arrested.

Such an act clearly shows that the bodies of justice, while illegally and scandalously arresting Dardan Molliqaj, have been put to the service of Kurti in power.

We, The Social-Democratic Party of Kosovo, assure the public that we will take all the legal actions at our disposal to hold responsible the abusers of power that deprived Dardan Molliqaj of his freedom. His unnecessary arrest last night is politically motivated and is a direct attack against our opposition and critique.