free hit counter We withdraw from the State Delegation for dialogue, we are not staying in a delegation without any competence - PSD

Today the Court ruled that the Law on Duties, Responsibilities and Competencies of the State Delegation in the Dialogue Process with Serbia is in violation of the Constitution. Today, the PSD withdraws from the State Delegation; Therefore, Shpend Ahmeti as co-author and Mr. Visar Ymeri and Mr. Dukagjin Gorani as his members.

This was announced at a press conference, by PSD deputy chairmen and deputies, Visar Ymeri and Mr. Dukagjin Goran, also members of the State Delegation.

On this occasion it was underlined that the PSD also withdraws from the Resolution on the dialogue, which we have proposed in the Assembly. This is because we do not stay in the Delegation without any competence. With the best will we proposed that everything about the dialogue be passed in advance with 2/3 of the votes in the Assembly. But for this we have been sabotaged by the Democratic League of Kosovo and the party of Mr. Albin Kurti, Lëvizja VETËVENDOSJE !, who today ask for the same thing.

The Court has decided that the Delegation shall also have the power of the President and the Prime Minister. Our intention was to exercise these powers by the Assembly. Thus, such competencies would be implemented in a democratic, transparent, legitimate and political and social consensus. Free and willing to do so have become part of the Delegation, free and willingly leaving it.