free hit counter The lobbying contract signed by Dhurata Hoxha has to be annulled - PSD

A few days have passed since the minister of the for European Integrations, Mrs. Dhurata Hoxha, reported in the Comission for European Integration, among other things, about the contract with “Madison Global Strategies LLC”. There, a lot of issues and questions were raised from the MP’s that were also reported by the media.

PSD considers that this contract is unacceptable because it is based a series of problems that Mrs. Dhurata Hoxha has to clarify and take responsibility for. In a media conference held today, vice-president and MP of PSD, Visar Ymeri, listed the problems of this contract.

Mr.Ymeri pointed out that even though the contract has been sold as an effort of the government to strengthen Kosova’s position with EU members, the obligations that were signed say otherwise. This is because the description of the contract from “Madison Global Strategies, LLC” that was published on the State Department of the U.S, speaks of meetings with members of the Congress and the American administration.

“With such a contract, the Ministry for Integration took on the role of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. With this contract, Mrs.Hoxha and the ministry exceeded their authority. The ministry should focus on the integration process in the EU, and not on lobbying”, continued Mr. Ymeri.

Furthermore, Ymeri highlighted that the institution that will be represented by the “Madison Global Strategies, LLC” is the Ministry for European Integration, but the name of the official with whom the firm “will communicate” is Kadri Veseli, who’s the President of the Parliament. This of course means that the competences have been mixed but also raises suspicions of misshandling public funds for party interests and for strengthening the position of Kadri Veseli.

“Two key problems arise with the way the contract was reported by the company to the State Department, one of them being the name of Kadri Veseli, the leader of PDK, written on it. Thus, this contract will only serve the Democratic Party rather than the Ministry for European Integration”, Ymeri declared.

PSD will do everything in its power in order to investigate this matter. We will not tolerate any form of missuse of the state’s budget without any transparency.